Expat Parent Magazine Expansion

Since the launch of Expat Parent in May this year, the magazine has continued to go from strength to strength. In the final few months of 2014, Expat Parent has increased its distribution points by almost 30 new locations to 238 Hong Kong wide. You can now find Expat Parent in more locations. New points […]

It is thanks to the internet that we are now able to shop without taking a single step outside. Since there are many advantages when you do your shopping online, many people now prefer to buy things on the web than to go to the stores. First of all, it is very convenient. You don't have to wake up early and wait outside the shop until it is open, you don't have to line in long queues, you don't have to waste energy walking and standing and you don't have to deal with annoying fellow customers and deal with persistent shop assistants. You can be done shopping in minutes in just a few taps or clicks.

There are more variety of things to pick from online, you can freely browse the items and get the international trends. Plus, you can have discounts by using a coupon code. And you don't have to worry about the stock since most of the time they are plentiful. It is also easier to compare the prices of products of different brands online. You can see the reviews of shoppers who bought the product. Buying online may have its advantages but you must also be careful when you make your transactions online since your personal information might be stolen, always take note of the sites that you visit.

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Office Renovations

Our office doesn’t work like most others. Traditional partitioned cubicles, separate rooms for senior staff and a colour palette featuring various shades of grey have no place at Fast Media. In order to publish great content it’s vital that everyone in the team is able to communicate with others easily in a comfortable and practical […]

People would still buy magazines. And the thing that would most-likely catch their attention is the magazine cover, whether it is a picture of a very famous person, an image of the latest gadget or product or just an unusual picture, it all depends on what kind of magazine is on the shelf.

The articles of magazines are nice to read, since each and every one of them was edited well before they make it to the paper. It is also easy to browse products from magazines, since they are highlighted well for the customers to take a good look at it. Furthermore, the names of the products are stated with their equivalent prices. You might be looking for items, products of services that are worth you money, some magazines are able to give you the thing that you're looking for at the best prices. Be sure to check them out.

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A milestone for Expat Parent!

Celebrations were in order at the Fast Media office this morning, as the number of subscribers to our weekly EDMs hit 1000! The EDM, or Email Direct Marketing, is a weekly e-Newsletter that we send out in order to complement our print publication: Expat Parent Magazine. The monthly magazine is still quite new on the market,  with […]

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Fast Media is growing FAST!

What’s happening this summer of 2014? There is quite a few changes going on around here. For starters, we are very excited to introduce two new members to the team! Karman and Eunice coming from print media and social marketing backgrounds respectively will provide support for sales force as well as help develop new products for the company. […]

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A hectic day in Sai Kung

It’s the fourth week of my editorial internship in Fast Media and I am thrilled to say that I am enjoying the job more and more every single day….Today, it has led me to the buzzing yet calm area of Sai Kung. I’m responsible for the content of the “What’s In Season” column of Expat […]

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Day in the life of a marketing intern

The life of a Fast Media Marketing intern has been quite busy but rewarding and fun to say the least. My first week on the job and I was already given a special assignment for Expat Parent. Just to briefly summarize, Expat Parent is a parenting magazine for all international mums and dads residing in […]

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Sai Kung Family Guide 2014

Life in Sai Kung can be made much easier with our Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay Family Guide 2014. For just $50, you’ll have a book that provides you with all you need to know about this serene and beautiful location. Our book aims to keep you and your family in the loop with […]

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